Sunday, 16 June 2019

Girls School plans - update

The BA working group responding to the application to expand the girls school within the estate have made a video presenting their views.  The chair of the working group writes:


Last Thursday we had a very successful residents meeting in St Giles Cripplegate church - with over 200 residents in attendance from across the Estate. Firstly a very big thank you to everyone who attended.

Below I refer to a few important things

The first is a reminder of the website.
Please check this out regularly as its always being updated. This is where you will find 2 key things - a link to the simple 2-minute resident survey which we would really like you to complete in response to the school's own survey…. and also a link to the online petition we are running. The petition we are aiming to make global - to attract support from lovers of Brutalist architecture across the world

The second item is document called SOS Barbican - A Call to Action - which clearly outlines exactly what we would like you as residents to do, to help the campaign. Our lobbying focus right now should be upon Catherine McGuiness. We are asking you to write to our common councillors not because they are supporting this scheme and we need to convince them….but because they need evidence of our opposition to support their lobbying work 

Click to read the document

The third is a document that outlines the points we would make, as the Barbican Association Working Group, in letters to City officials and councillors. We were very reluctant to produce such a document (hence it was not distributed at the public meeting) as we wanted to avoid the group being too prescriptive in guiding fellow residents.  However, so many residents asked for this after the meeting that we felt we had to produce something. We would encourage residents to use this as a reminder only - and to please write what feels important to them in their own words. 

Click to read the document

Andy Hawkins on behalf of the co-Chairs of the BA Working Group

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Cripplegate Ward Newsletter - June 2019

Here is the latest Cripplegate Ward Newsletter:

Click to read the newsletter

Jugged Hare Plant Noise

There has been a long-running problem with noise caused by plant (air conditioning etc) on the roof above the Jugged Hare pub.  You can read the whole story on Barbican Talk here:

Residents have been pushing for a resolution for some time, Mark Field (our MP) was asked to help, and now it seems there is some progress; there are plans to erect a noise screen ... however some doubt that that proposals will be effective.

The planning application has been submitted, reference: 18/01305/FULL.  Here is the application: ... 4WIFHMCN00

Where is the detail, and will it help?
See the Barbican Talk discussion for the latest news on this.

Save the Barbican Estate from harmful redevelopment

A petition has been set up in response to the plans to extend the City of London School For Girls.  If the Girls School plans are approved it would set a precedent ... hence the title of this post.  The petition reads:

"For the City to urgently re-consider its proposals for the latest expansion of the City of London School for Girls and instead develop a long-term plan to allow the school to grow in a way that does not cause significant harm to the architectural heritage of the Grade II listed Barbican and its unique Grade II* listed grounds."

This is the space the school would like to fill

Friday, 17 May 2019

Barbican Estate-wide News Bulletin - 17 May 2019

From Nabeela at the BEO:

Barbican Estate-wide News Bulletin 17 May

Barbican Repairs and Ongoing Work

Emergency Services Points and Procedures – 2019

We have been working with the Emergency Services to discuss the best locations for them to use when dealing with an incident on the Barbican Estate. All aspects of the Estate were taken into consideration and the main decision of 'where is best' was ultimately the decision of the Emergency Services.
The updated 2019 emergency services points and procedures can be found both on the Fire Safety page as well as in the Resident Information Pack in the Emergencies, Safety & Security tab.

Barbican Fire Safety Leaflet 2019
The Barbican Fire Safety leaflet has been updated and is available to view on the website.
Please click here to view and check the Housing fire safety website page here.

A printed version will soon be distributed to each flat.

Updates: Speed House Moor Lane/Silk Street Stair Closure for Repairs

Works Update - by the Building Engineer
  1. The screeding works are now complete.
  2. The waterproof surface to the stair podium is now complete and has been cured.
  3. Repairs are required to the Highwalk slabs: These have been completed and are waiting for the repair screed to cure, prior to relaying tiles and re­opening the stairs.
  4. The stairs are currently due to re-open on 24 May.
  5. The lift is currently due to go back into service on 25 June.
  6. The next phase of works, prior to the stairs being ready to re -open, are weather dependent, but we are still confident the above dates will be achieved or bettered.
We appreciate your cooperation while this work is being carried out.

Click here for updates from 21 Moorfields - Generator Noise

Last Day to Submit your Thoughts Review of VFM TV Service
In a bid to improve the services provided to residents, we would appreciate your assistance in reviewing the TV Service, currently provided by Vision Fibre Media (VFM).

Presently, VFM maintain the TV services across the estate with the following maintenance cover as part of the overall license agreement for TV and Broadband Services:
Monday – Friday 0800 – 1700
Next day response
No additional labour charges
Includes replacement parts
Shipping of equipment

If a whole system block is down, this would be attended within 4 Hours, if a single dwelling is down then the above would apply.

Please let us know if you have had any issues with the VFM TV service in the last 6 months, including the exact issue, how quickly it was resolved and how it was resolved.
Please email with your comments no later than 20 May.

Thank you for your cooperation and we will keep you informed with the outcome.

St Giles Terrace - Revised Protocol for the use of the Terrace and the Barrier

The Byelaws

The City of London began parking enforcement on City walkways within St Giles Terrace from March 2019.
The City walkways are reserved for pedestrian use - the walkway at St Giles Terrace forms part of a historic area around London Wall, Wood Street which is used by thousands of pedestrians every year. In some areas, they also serve as essential access points for emergency service vehicles (fire brigade, police and ambulance) to reach adjoining premises. It is therefore crucial that they are always kept clear and remain accessible.

The map here shows the City walkway area where enforcement will apply (demarcated in yellow), with private land which falls outside of the enforcement area (marked in brown).  Vehicles that park in contravention on the St Giles Terrace City walkway (marked in yellow) may be liable to receive a £130 parking ticket (penalty charge notice).

Cold Water Storage Tank Project

The cold, water storage tank project, will start on Lauderdale Tower on 30 May and not on 20 May as previously scheduled.

Click here for further information and an updated programme of works, which is available on the website. The programme is subject to change due to external forces, such as extreme weather. Should you have any queries or concerns please contact the allocated Project Manager, Neil Clutterbuck by email

Click here for updates on The Denizen / Bernard Morgan House and Neighbourhood Construction Meeting - 4 June

Works to Barrel Roofs – commencing Monday 20 May on Mountjoy House
Please be aware that our contractors MH Goldsmith will commence works on the barrel roofs on Mountjoy House on Monday 20 May.

The works are to re-coat the Barrel Roofs and will consist of thoroughly cleaning the barrel, before making good any damage to the water proofing; and then applying 2 coats of the waterproof liquid plastic "triflex".

Working hours are 9.00am to 5.00pm with noisy work taking place between 10.00am and 4.00 pm. No contractors will be on the balconies or roof before 9.00am. Please note that the contractors will cover over the bathroom windows in the areas they are working in.

If you have any questions, please do contact Helen Davinson.

Reminder: Public Exhibition next week - Information from The City of London School for Girls
The City of London School for Girls invites you to a public exhibition to view its proposals for alterations to the school.

We want to know what you think before an application is submitted to the City of London Corporation. Members of the project team, including the architects, will be on hand to answer your questions and discuss the proposals with you. We hope you will be able to come along and view the plans.
  • Tuesday 21 May from 3pm to 7pm - St Giles' Cripplegate Church, Fore Street.
  • Thursday 23 May from 4pm to 8pm - City of London School for Girls, St Giles' Terrace, Barbican
If you are unable to attend the exhibition, you will be able to view the proposals and complete an online feedback form by visiting from Friday 24 May.
Click here to view a flyer that will be delivered to households next week.

For further information please contact Cascade Communications, who are coordinating our community engagement: 08081 686 677

Real World Reminders
Tailgating & Security Reminder
We are taking this opportunity to remind residents to be vigilant about tailgating.
This is one of the biggest security threats to the Estate and possibly the easiest to solve.

It seems prudent to remind residents not to hold the door open for anyone without a residents estate key, but also to be mindful that the doors close properly behind you.
If you are not comfortable closing the door on someone and there is someone behaving in a suspicious manner, then please wait until you are in a safe place and call either the Police or your nearest Concierge or Lobby Porter.
Please do try to report it as soon as you can.  In the same way if you feel that someone is acting suspiciously, then please contact your Car Park Concierge, Lobby Porter or the Police.
Please also remember not to 'buzz in' strangers to the block

Watch out for "Microsoft" scam calls to fix your computer
How does the scam work?

Victims are called, usually by phone and told that there is a problem with their computer and for a nominal fee the suspect can fix it. The suspects often claim to be working with Microsoft who have identified that the computer has been infected with a virus and offer an update or fix.

The victims are talked through the logon steps in order for the fraudster to gain remote access to the computer. The victims will then often witness the mouse moving and changes being made to the display. They then pay a fee (anything between £100 and £300 has been reported to Action Fraud) and are told the problem has been resolved. Once the initial payment has been processed it is not uncommon for additional larger payments to be debited from the victim's account without their permission.

In addition to charging a fee to fix the computer, in some instances, programs are also installed that allow the fraudsters unlimited access to the computer without the victim's knowledge. This permits them to have access to information such as personal data as well as view online transactions so that further illegal activity may to be carried out.

For further information please click here for the action fraud website.

Noisy Work Times
This is to remind residents that noisy Home Improvement works are to be carried out on weekdays between 10am - 4pm and no work is to be carried out on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays
If there is a problem during office hours (Monday to Friday, 9.15am to 5pm) please call your House Officer, and if out of office hours please call your concierge or car park attendant.

More information on noise can be found on the Barbican Estate Website in the Residents Information Pack in Communal Living.

Window Cleaning
The window cleaning for the flats is completed every 6 weeks, with the abseil clean carried out every three months. The window cleaners will clean the following areas:
  • External glazing for flats for windows and doors
  • Both faces of glazing for privacy screens
  • Balcony screens and both faces of glazing in communal areas
The window cleaning schedule for 2019 is on the website, and on the notice boards.
If you spot any shortcomings in standards regarding window cleaning, or you believe the contractors have missed your windows, please ensure you report this to your House Officer within 5 working days of your scheduled clean.
Please don't wait until AGMs and House Group Meetings to raise issues.  This will give the contractor the opportunity to return and rectify the issue.  Reporting issues promptly enables us to address deficiencies in line with our Service Level Agreement.

Please ensure that you leave your balcony glass and privacy screens accessible for the window cleaners. This will enable them to clean your windows without moving your personal property. If this is not done, we cannot guarantee that your windows will be cleaned.
Thank you for your cooperation.

News from the Barbican Wildlife Garden
Barbican Wildlife Garden News – Extraordinary Happenings in the Undergrowth!
Shots from the garden
Today the regular BWG volunteers were joined by an enthusiastic group from Skanska, who encourage all their staff to volunteer at least twice a year to "Lend A Hand" with local community projects. Having gratefully received a very large pile of bark chippings (organised by The Manager of our fab City Gardening Team, Jake – Thanks Jake!), we were very glad of the extra pairs of hands to help clear the paths and lay the new bark. Even the Team Manager joined in, despite being in his suit! Please click here for more news.

Barbican Centre Updates

Reminder: Sound Unbound 2019 - Lakeside Terrace performances Saturday 18–Sunday 19 May

Sound Unbound, the Barbican's free weekend-long celebration of classical music, returns this spring on Saturday 18 – Sunday 19 May.

Some of the performances will be taking place on the Lakeside Terrace so nearby blocks (Gilbert House and Defoe House) have received a notice explaining what to expect. We now have more details about the activity timings, including set-up and sound-checks, so you can view an updated version of the notice on our residents page at (under 'Notices').

We hope you are able to enjoy the many activities taking place across the Barbican Centre, and you can find full programme details at

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to email, or out of hours / on the weekend itself please call 020 7382 7308.

Reminder: Recruiting Interactive Stewards
Culture Mile are currently looking to recruit up to 10 volunteers to help steward an interactive theatre performance happening in the City of London on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 May.
Volunteers will help to assist with audience flow for the promenade performance, as well as helping actors and stage manager with props and costumes
Please click here for further details and requirements

National Walking Month 2019
  • Tuesday 21 May: Lunchtime - 'Discover St Pauls Garden'
  • Thursday 23 May: Lunchtime A leisurely stroll round Smithfield & surrounding area.
The Road Danger Reduction Team will be supporting the Business Healthy Challenge and National Walking Month this May by hosting a number of walks in partnership with the Ramblers and Living Streets.
"Join us for a series of exciting short lunchtime and after work led walks exploring the hidden walkways of the City of London to celebrate National Walking Month.

No bookings required - come and get your step count up, discover new places and meet new people!"

Click here for details of the walks

Guildhall Lunch Market 23 May
Guildhall Yard hosts a regular lunch market with more than 20 stalls serving up mouth-watering dishes from around the world. Come and feast on some proper Greek wraps, Jamaican jerk chicken, cracking Korean dumplings and more.
Time for dessert? There are also plenty of sweet treats, including gourmet brownies and decadent doughnuts.

Ditch the packed lunch, leave the office and get out into the fresh air.

Thursday 12 noon - 2.30pm

Click here for details.

Activities and Workshops

Moor Lane Bridge – Fruit and Veg Garden – Join the Gardening Group
Behind the green hoarding on Willoughby Highwalk the Bridge to Nowhere hosts a thriving fruit and veg garden tended by a group of residents.
Anyone interested in joining the gardening group and sharing in the sowing, planting and harvesting please contact Sarah Hudson at
Please click here for further information.

May Half-term Youth Activities
Please see the youth provision publicity posters for Golden Lane and Aldgate for May half term.
For further information please contact:

Barbican Library Celebrates Barbican@50
The 50th anniversary of the Barbican Estate provides us with the chance to celebrate this special place where you live. As part of the anniversary celebrations the Barbican Library would like to share your memories of living here in a special display later this summer.

Please see the flyer for details.

Barbican & Community Libraries Games Club
Meet new friends, learn new strategies and have fun in our new weekly games club. Bring your own game or choose from Scrabble, Chess, Rummikub, and Cribbage.

Every Thursday 3 - 5pm Barbican Library Free - No need to book!

Please see the flyer for details.

Dragon Café in the City Wednesday, 22 May
On Wednesday 22 May, 'Wellness Wednesdays' will take place at Dragon Café in the City at Shoe Lane Library (1 Little New Street, EC4A 3JR), between 12pm and 7:30pm.

Dragon Café in the City is free and open to anyone living or working in the Square Mile and provides a free and open space for visitors to release the pressure and engage in a range of creative activities to foster mental wellbeing. A free and healthy lunch, refreshments and snacks are available to visitors.

Please see the flyer for details.

Reminder: Aldgate Winter Events
The City is keen to make sure that Aldgate's Winter Events, including the lantern parade and fete, which last year involved 500 people from across the area, are increasingly collaborative and community driven. As such, we have set up an initial open session to discuss what people in the area might want this year's events to look like.
Meeting: Monday 20 May 2019, 4:30 – 6pm at Toynbee Hall Wellbeing Centre, 52 Old Castle Street, E1 7AJ

Click here for the poster.

Culture Mile
See the website here:

Transport Updates
For City road works details please click here.

For TfL travel information in and around London please click here