Monday, 21 January 2019

Centre for Music - A first look

The first images of the Centre for Music have been released on a very nicely put together web site.  It is proposed that the Centre for Music be built on the current site of the Museum of London, who will be moving to buildings which used to form a part of the Smithfield market.

The release does not just contain pictures, there are videos and 3D fly-throughs too.  Hopefully the 3D data will be released so we can all fly through the proposals to get an idea of how it will look from any angle.  The visualisations here show what can be done ... we should expect this kind of 3D imagery and data for all future building projects.  Well, one can hope.  Back to the Centre for Music; click on the images and video clips for a larger/payable version.  Also, see this YouTube video of people explaining the project. ...

From the south
The Foyer
The "Coda" performance space
The hall
Fly Through

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Sound Unbound Event in May 2019

Our Ben Jonson House Arts Center rep attended the "Barbican Resident Sub-Group – Sound Unbound 2019" meeting on Monday 14th Jan (see minutes below) and asks that if any residents have issues that need to taken forward with the Arts Centre team that you let the house group committee know by email ( ) or the form at the bottom of this page.

There will be communications to residents via the Podium newsheet in February, and a letter to all residents in April.  Another meeting is planned for March, with more information on events and timings, which the house group rep will attend.

Click to read the whole document

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Plans for mobile phone masts on GLE

The City have released plans to put mobile phone masts above flats on the Golden Lane Estate.

The plans were released just before the Christmas hiatus with the window for objections closing on January 7th.  Typically unhelpful timing on the part of the City.

From GLERA (the Golden Lane Estate Residents Association):

In January CTIL (a joint venture company owned by Telefónica UK Limited and Vodafone Limited) will submit a planning application to place a telecomms station on the roof of Bowater House.

CTIL have a contract with City of London which gives them a legal right, subject to planning, to put equipment on the rooftops of Golden Lane. This in theory means every roof on our estate could be affected.

Our resident Councillor, Sue Pearson, received a letter earlier this week with notice of a two week consultation period - read here. MP Mark Field, our MP, was also notified. With her efforts and those of Councillor Mark Bostock objecting very strongly to the timing, it now looks like the consultation will be extended to January 7 before a planning application is submitted. Sue has also been in touch with Paul Murtagh, Assistant Director, Barbican Estate & Property Services. He was unaware of the proposals, has expressed concern and is now looking into the contract details. Tim Godsmark, Chair of GLERA has also written to CITL representatives.

The proposals will need planning permission but because utilities have special powers we are still unclear of what the process is and so there may not be the usual time period / scope to object.

It is essential that we all write now so that the utility company rethinks their plans.

Write to Rebecca Skerrett at GVA representing CTIL
Write to Mark Field MP

There is more information, copies of correspondence on the GLERA forum on the GLE website - do post your own comments, copies of emails sent.

Monday, 17 December 2018

Cote Survey - smells, noise, cleaning

The Cote restaurant at the junction of Beech St and Whitecross St, directly beneath Ben Jonson House, has been operating for several years.  Over this time they have provided a welcome service, and some very tasty food.  They have also been the source of frustration for some.

The house group is primarily a conduit for information.  A number of residents have raised issues about smells,  noise (e.g. throwing out glass in the evening) and cleaning (e.g. in the yard behind Cote).  The BEO have been trying to resolve these issues for residents by talking to Cote, but this has proved to be difficult partly because we don't have a complete understanding of who is experiencing what (including who has no problem at all).

You might ask why the survey is for that whole of Ben Jonson House, how could Cote could affect people at the western end of Ben Jonson House, but some of the smell complaints have come from flats overlooking Cripplegate Street.  Are these smells from Cote, or something else?  We'd like to know.

Hence the survey.  The aim is to get a map across the the whole building of what people experience, if anything.  With this information we can work with Cote (or other source of smells/noise/mess) to get the issues resolved.

So, please do give your views via the survey.

Here is the survey email message from the BEO (who are very keen to point out that this survey is indeed at the request of the house group!):

Message sent on behalf of the Ben Jonson House Group

The House Group has requested a survey about Cote restaurant is sent to residents of Ben Jonson House. Please complete the survey by clicking on the link below.

Please complete the survey by Friday 4 January 2019. Many thanks.

Please click here for survey about Cote restaurant

Friday, 14 December 2018

Healthwatch City of London

From the BEO:

Have your say on a new City carers' plan

Commissioners are seeking views on a new draft City of London Carers' Strategy.

The plan sets out how the City of London will work to improve life for carers over the next three years.

Click here for further information.

Grey Squirrels

From the BEO:

Grey squirrels can be a problem in the gardens and balconies, please click here to find out what can be done to keep them out.

Do not feed them or leave out food they can forage.

BEO Holiday Working Hours

From the BEO:

This is to inform residents that the Barbican Estate Office will be closed on Christmas Day and New Years Day. The office will also close at 1pm on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.
Wishing Everyone a Happy Christmas!