Saturday, 8 August 2020

Good Neighbour Guide - Noise

From the BEO:

Good Neighbour Guide - Noise

Do not make noise inside your flat and on balconies that could cause nuisance to your neighbours. This includes making/taking telephone calls on your balcony at unsociable hours.

It is also requested to be considerate when listening to music in the gardens and communal spaces.The Barbican Estate Office in no way wishes to stop the residents enjoying the private gardens facilities with their friends, but these gardens are not suitable for parties. Social distancing should still be observed at all times.

Please also remember that the flats are very close by to the gardens and communal areas and that children should be supervised at all times.

Please click here for the Good Neighbour Guide.

Keep Communal Areas & Fire Escapes Clear

From the BEO:


Keep Communal Areas & Fire Escapes Free

Common parts, which include lift lobbies, balconies, corridors and staircases, should be kept clear at all times and they should not be used for storage.

Access: All access routes including stairs, hallways, walkways and balconies in communal areas must be kept clear at all times. The design of some properties incorporates an emergency exit route, for example across the balconies or through a wooden panel. Where these emergency exit routes are shared between properties, residents must ensure these routes are kept free from obstruction and security measures such as locks must not be added onto them.

Items in Communal Areas: The City reserves the right to remove any items left or disposed of in the communal areas without limitation should they be causing a fire risk or block access/exit routes.

Mobility Scooters, Prams, Buggies and Bicycles: All equipment must be stored within the resident’s home or car park wherever possible. If they must be stored within the communal area, they are not allowed to be stored in the escape routes from the premises or block access through the communal access routes. Please speak to your House Officer if you have any questions.

If you have any questions, please ask your House Officer

Saturday, 1 August 2020

Legionella checks - 2rd - 5th Aug

From the BEO:

Reminder: Legionella Risk Assessments
Ben Jonson House 3- 5 August
Brandon Mews 6 August

Please note that the Legionella risk assessments are being carried out across the estate by RPS Consultants. Engineers are working within all communal areas where there are water tank plant rooms, via ladder access on roofs, lift lobbies and balconies.

Please see the schedule of works on the website.

Any further questions please contact Steven Murray on either or 020 70293915

Fire Signage Maintenance - Jan 2021 for BJH

It seems the fire escape signage is going to be checked and refreshed, including on balconies.

In Ben Jonson House we can expect to see activity on our balconies between the 4th to the 11th January 2021, so lots of time to plan (and pick off that faded fire-exit sign if you'd like a fresh new one (joke)).

Here is the BEO notice: 

Fire Signage Project

Continuing on from last year’s Fire Signage survey, Britannia Fire & Security Ltd, will start on the Barbican Estate from 10 August.

The work will include replacement and installation of fire signage in common areas and escape routes including balconies. Access will not be required to resident’s homes.

Please see the schedule of works below and contact the Major Works Team if any queries.



Start Date

Completion Date

Cromwell Tower 13 days



Shakespeare Tower 12 days



Lauderdale Tower/Lambert Jones 11 days



Willoughby House 3 days



Speed House 5 days



Brandon Mews 1 day



Andrewes House 13 days



Gilbert House 3 days



The Postern 1 day



Mountjoy House 2 days



Thomas More House 10 days



Seddon House 2 days



Defoe House 10 days



John Trundle Court 5 days



Bunyan Court 3 days



Bryer Court 2 days



Ben Jonson House 6 days



Breton House 5 days



Frobisher Crescent 6 days



Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Climate Action Strategy - survey

Here is a poster circulated by the BA for the City of London Climate Action Strategy.  On the web site the City are asking for feedback through a survey.  You can contact the Climate Action team at

Click to enlarge

Waste Collection - back to every week day

From the BEO in the 17th July bulletin

Rubbish Collections

As of Monday 20 July, rubbish collection will return to 5 collections per week (Monday to Friday). Please also continue to collapse your boxes.

We are not yet in a position to resume the weekend collections for the few blocks that have them.

Please see further information here in the refuse collections tab of the cleaning and recycling page.