Friday 6 September 2013

More detail about the CCTV Camera - Staircase 64

From the BEO:

Dear Resident
Please find below the recent results from the CCTV Survey.
Would you like to see the camera at staircase 64, street level, be put into operation or removed?
•       Operative - 83.6%
•       Removed - 16.4%  

Further to the above please find brief answers to some of the questions placed within the survey:-
•       The Camera will now become operative from Monday 16 September 2013.
•       Recordings will only be used if there is any incident and retained for approximately 28 days
•       Secure storage - At the Breton House Car Park Office with recorded footage requiring a login in and password
•       Only your Concierge Staff at Breton House and myself have access to view recorded footage
•       The Barbican Estate has an excellent record for extremely low number of incidents.
•       In 2008 the Car Parks had to review its services as they were running at a financial loss (due to low occupancy and staff costs). At this time the car parks were also required to achieve savings of £200k. There was a very strong possibility that one/two car park offices or even a whole car park could have been closed. However, through additional commercial income we have managed to achieve the savings needed and this particular contract that we now have in Breton House, played a significant part in this.
•       This particular commercial tenant has previously used bays within Speed House Car Park for over 4 years with no negative resident feedback.
•       In 2008, Breton House Car Park had the lowest occupancy levels across all of the Barbican's car parks at just 40%.
 With regards Barbican Estate Office 

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