Sunday 29 December 2013

Water Tank maintenance contracts

You have until 10th January 2014 to comment on the City's proposals for maintaining the cold water tanks on the roof of Ben Jonson House.

The letter from the city is here.

The water tanks in question supply non potable cold water: the cold water which comes out of your bathroom taps and is used in toilets.  Drinking water is separate and comes directly to your kitchen tap from the mains.

The City tell us that the job will be to test the water in the tanks for legionella, inspect the tanks themselves and take remedial action (which in the past has meant removing the metal tank and replacing it with a plastic one).

Write to Mr. Steven Murray care of the BEO ( if you have any observations or questions.

I have asked:
  • Will checks be limited to looking for legionella?
  • What information will we be given following a tank inspection?
  • Will remedial work be tendered separately, or will the contractor claiming remedial work is needed be the same contractor to do the remedial work? 

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