Wednesday 5 February 2014

"Good News - works across the Barbican"

From the BEO:

Dear Resident,

Over the next few weeks you'll see contractors working across the Barbican. We're planning to:-
  • Treat/restain and repair all the benches across the podium 
  • Repaint all the covered walkway ceilings
  • Repaint the following car parks - Andrewes, Speed, Defoe, Thomas More, Willoughby
  • Carry out replacement tiling works on Lauderdale Place, Defoe Place, Ben Jonson Highwalk, St Giles Terrace via extra resources/funding 
As I'm sure you'll appreciate, the projects (especially those in the car parks) will involve residents taking extra care when entering areas where works are being carried out but there will be appropriate signage and cordoning off as well.

We'll be in touch shortly with all car park users about the timings that will affect them personally and appreciate if you can all work with us to get this repainting completed as quickly as possible.

The plinths along Ben Jonson Highwalk will now be repaired by the Barbican Estate Office alongside our colleagues in the Department of the Built Environment. Our Technical officers are liaising with Planning officers to find a permanent solution to the tiles continually falling off and we have earmarked funds for this in financial year 2014/15. 

To reiterate, NONE of these works are charged to the Service Charge account.

With regards
Barbican Estate Office

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