Wednesday 4 June 2014

Flash AGM Success! ... and minutes

We had 23 members attend the flash AGM this evening, just enough to be a quorum.  Phew.

The minutes of the previous AGM (2013) were approved.

The treasurer's report was presented and approved (see the report below).

With the exception of Chris Punter, all members of the house group stood for re-election.  All those standing were elected, so the committee now comprises:
  • Helen Hulson
  • Fiona Lean
  • John Dilger
  • Tom Smith
  • Bruce Badger
Any other Business:
  • There was a vote of thanks for Chris Punter's many years of work for the house group.

All done in about 15 minutes.

... but there was significant and lively discussion after the meeting closed which I'll cover in separate posts.

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