Sunday 30 November 2014

External Redecorations: Week 18

At the end of week 18 (w/c 24th Nov) of the external redecoration the scaffolding around Golden Lane is starting to come down.   With the scaffolding and netting in place north facing rooms were much darker.  It's good to have the light back.

Main decoration work is now underway on the eastern part of the block.

Until this week I've had overwhelmingly positive feedback.  This week though, for the more eastern work, I've been told that the finishes are not so good and that new paint is blistering already with people suspecting the poorer weather of late being a factor.

Do let Sheila Delaney (our house officer) and Steve Murray (redecoration project lead for the BEO) know if you have any problems with the work.  Do let them know as soon as you can.

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