Sunday 18 January 2015

Noise rules for cinemas and cote

This post brings together documents which define the rules for the operation of the cinemas, many of which also apply to Cote.

From the Barbican Centre Visitor Management Plan Appendix on page 6:

11.  No refuse or bottles will be put or prepared outside the building before 08:00 or after 20:00 (Mon-Sat) and before 12:00 noon or after 18:00 (Sundays and public holidays).

12.  The delivery and collection area will be the existing loading bay area behind Exhibition Hall 1. All deliveries and collections will take place between the hours of 08:00 – 20:00 (Mon – Sat).

13.  Deliveries on Sundays and public holidays will only take place, if necessary, between 12:00 noon - 18:00.

14.  Noise from any music, or amplified sound from PA equipment, will not be audible outside the premises.

From the Cote licensing application:
  • Supply of alcohol to cease at 22.30
  • Premises to close at 23.00

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