Tuesday 10 February 2015

Dementia Awareness: Thu 5 March

From the BA:

Dear Residents

A Dementia Awareness session is being run for Barbican residents on Thursday 5 March at 3 pm in the Lilac Room*

As part of the local authority's policy of making the City a dementia friendly environment, the Department of Children's and Community Services is running a series of dementia awareness information sessions for anyone who is interested. The Barbican Association has therefore organised this session for Barbican residents on Thursday 5 March.

"The session aims to dispel myths often perpetuated in the media, and by the end participants will have a basic understanding of the five main areas of dementia and how to live well with dementia".
The session lasts 60 minutes and will be interactive, enabling participants to share knowledge and experiences.

If you would like to attend please email chairBA@btinternet.com. Places are limited, so please act soon.

As well as supporting this session – open to all residents – the Barbican Association would like to gauge interest, so if you would like to come to this session but can't make it, or would like to come but can only make an evening session please also let us know. If there is enough interest more sessions will be run.

*Accessed via Seddon House, north, level 02

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