Wednesday 15 April 2015

House Officer actions following (non) AGM

Our house officer, Sheila, has been busy since the meeting of the 25th March working on items we raised during the meeting.  Here are her notes and comments:
  • Request that contractors card flats either side when there is (say) scaffolding going up. This has been included as a comment for the SLA Working Party (meeting on 27 April).
  • Positive feedback regarding the clear up after the external redecoration.
  • Flat 355 Ben Jonson, lady resident still has slabs damaged by the painting contractors. Information passed for the second time to Steve Murray, Property Services Team Manager who managed the redecoration project.
  • Gate near Cromwell car park (on the forecourt) banging. This was adjusted the next day
  • Cracks in corridors of Ben Jonson House, can these be looked at prior to any internal redecoration work. This request has been passed to Christopher Bate, Surveyor for the Department of Community and Children’s Services Property Services Dept.
  • Cycle racks in Whitecross Street, this was passed to Karen Tarbox. Due to Karen’s commitments, I have now passed all the relevant information to Michael Bennett. Michael is currently reviewing this.
  • Thanks to Matthew and congratulations for his forthcoming retirement. This has been emailed to Matthew and placed on his personnel file by his Line Manager.
Thank you Sheila

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Phil Gyford said...

The "cycle racks in Whitecross Street" point is a bit opaque. Is it a problem with what's there? A desire for more? Something else? Thanks.