Tuesday 2 June 2015

Gadget Repair Clinic 22nd June

From the BEO:

Restart Pop-Up: repair clinic for your broken electronics
Monday 22 June, 5.30pm – 8.30pm, Lilac Room, Barbican Estate Office, 3 Lauderdale Place
Don't throw your broken electronics away! Join The Restart Project for their Restart Pop-Up, a participatory repair clinic where you will learn how to troubleshoot, disassemble and hopefully repair gadgets such as laptops, headphones, radios, smartphones and more. Bring along your broken gadget or drop in for advice. First come first served!
Please bring spare parts if needed, e.g new screen for cracked phone, they are easy to find online.
Please note we are not able to fix iPads or other tablets.

Each repair slot lasts up to 30 minutes during which you can have fun learning why your device is no longer working and make progress towards getting it repaired. You will be taught how to do simple repairs while for more complicated ones you'll troubleshoot to learn whether a repair is feasible.
Please note there is no guarantee we will be able to successfully repair your gadgets.

Barbican Estate Office

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