Sunday 15 January 2017

Flute Flats

Air is moved around Ben Jonson House through a number of vents.  Air is pulled from flats through vents in kitchens and bathrooms, sucked up by big fans up on the roof.  Air is pulled into flats through vents on windows.

All this air movement can create different pressure levels, for example between the inside of a flat and the common corridor, and if there is a significant difference in pressure the air tries to move from the high pressure area to the low pressure area though any gaps it can find.  For example through keyholes and letter box flaps.

Sometimes the combination of swiftly moving air and the shape of the keyhole or letterbox flap makes a noise, similar to the way a flute makes a noise with air blown over a hole at one end ...
which is why I call the flats that make these noises "flute flats".

Here is an example:
Click to see the video
We have asked the BEO to help in cases where people are disturbed by the noise.

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