Thursday 9 March 2017

Our CPAs

CPA is an abbreviation of Car Park Attendant, but our Breton & Ben Jonson CPAs do much more for us than just look after the car park.   Our CPAs also act as our building concierge, looking after visitors and also looking after the flood of Internet driven parcels (a deluge at Christmas time!).  Our CPAs also look after our security, they walk the building to help keep it secure and in good order, and they are also there if we need help with a noisy neighbour or if we need emergency assistance.

From time to time the City floats the idea of saving money by removing our CPAs, but each time this has happened the City has been reminded how highly they are valued.

Currently our CPAs are:

Paul Nixon
Dinesh Pereira
Israel Lawson
Peter Jones

If you need to call them:

Office - 0207 029 3938
Mobile - 0778 537 1832

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