Sunday 17 December 2017

Very Noisy Graffiti Removal

Well before 08:00 this morning (some say at ~07:00) a couple of blokes turned up to clean graffiti from the podium-level concrete on Breton and Ben Jonson houses. They used high pressure water to do the job, driven by a mighty and very loud compressor in (of course) a white van.

They said the City (in the form of the Estate Office) had commissioned the work ... but how could they ever have been given the impression that doing such noisy work early on a Sunday morning was a good idea?

If you are disturbed by noise, call the Environmental Health officers on 0207 332 3630.  The more people who call the more seriously a matter will be taken.  For a call to "count" you will need to let the officers have contact details ... anonymous calls don't count.  This morning I spoke to the duty officer, Claire Callenday(sp?), who took my details and said that an environmental health officer would call me back during the coming week (when it would be more convenient for them).

High pressure cleaning

Powered by a man with a pump in a van
I had a quick look at the sites where I had previously seen graffiti and it seems to me that a good job has been done removing it.  I'll also note that the two blokes were very friendly and apologetic.

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Phil Gyford said...

This must have coincided with the sound of lorries and men talking and unloading (or loading?) things at the back of Exhibition Hall 2 - it started around 7ish. We reported it.