Friday 14 December 2018

Television Services

Like many people on the estate I have a contract with VFM.  I just use their fibre Internet service, not the TV service.  I am surprised to see the BEO and City interpose themselves between VFM and their customers.  Why is it reasonable for someone in the BEO to sit in judgement over me if I have a dispute with VFM?

Anyhoo, from the BEO:

Discussions have taken place with VFM concerning the television service.

Concerns have been raised regarding the taking of credit card details from residents in the event the fault is with their own equipment as this is not covered by the license the City has with VFM.

It has been agreed that credit card details will no longer be taken when a fault is reported but residents will be informed that a charge may be made if the fault is with the residents own equipment.  This charge, if deemed legitimate by the BEO, will come from the City of London.

Service Level Agreements with VFM are being closely monitored and a further review will take place in April 2019

The general feedback on the Broadband service is positive

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