Monday 21 January 2019

Centre for Music - A first look

The first images of the Centre for Music have been released on a very nicely put together web site.  It is proposed that the Centre for Music be built on the current site of the Museum of London, who will be moving to buildings which used to form a part of the Smithfield market.

The release does not just contain pictures, there are videos and 3D fly-throughs too.  Hopefully the 3D data will be released so we can all fly through the proposals to get an idea of how it will look from any angle.  The visualisations here show what can be done ... we should expect this kind of 3D imagery and data for all future building projects.  Well, one can hope.  Back to the Centre for Music; click on the images and video clips for a larger/payable version.  Also, see this YouTube video of people explaining the project. ...

From the south
The Foyer
The "Coda" performance space
The hall
Fly Through

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