Monday 8 April 2019

Storage Units - non resident access to car parks

The City views the Barbican car parks as a profit centre for the City rather than as an amenity for residents.  This view leads to various attempts to squeeze money from the car parks which are now expected to generate a profit rather than just cover essential costs (e.g. our valued car park attendants (CPAs)).

One manifestation of this City policy is the recent installation of storage units, touted as being a facility for residents.  But the City installed far more units than residents could have been expected to use, and so we enter the next phase of this project where the City "reluctantly" will start marketing the storage units more widely, to customers who do no reside in the estate.

And so non-residents will be granted access to the car parks, and presumably the long suffering CPAs will expected to manage the secure flow of non-residents into the buildings.

Here is how the City, in the form of the BEO, announce their latest move:

Storage Units Available in Breton & Bunyan Car Parks
Get Your Stores Before they Will be Opened Out to Non-Residents!

We have managed to lease 50% of the total stores available and more than 130 residents have possession of their stores.

For the size and price list please click here. To arrange a viewing and to register your interest, please contact Lorna from the Car Park & Stores Team.

Comments from Residents Contact: 0293921

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