Sunday 16 June 2019

Girls School plans - update

The BA working group responding to the application to expand the girls school within the estate have made a video presenting their views.  The chair of the working group writes:


Last Thursday we had a very successful residents meeting in St Giles Cripplegate church - with over 200 residents in attendance from across the Estate. Firstly a very big thank you to everyone who attended.

Below I refer to a few important things

The first is a reminder of the website.
Please check this out regularly as its always being updated. This is where you will find 2 key things - a link to the simple 2-minute resident survey which we would really like you to complete in response to the school's own survey…. and also a link to the online petition we are running. The petition we are aiming to make global - to attract support from lovers of Brutalist architecture across the world

The second item is document called SOS Barbican - A Call to Action - which clearly outlines exactly what we would like you as residents to do, to help the campaign. Our lobbying focus right now should be upon Catherine McGuiness. We are asking you to write to our common councillors not because they are supporting this scheme and we need to convince them….but because they need evidence of our opposition to support their lobbying work 

Click to read the document

The third is a document that outlines the points we would make, as the Barbican Association Working Group, in letters to City officials and councillors. We were very reluctant to produce such a document (hence it was not distributed at the public meeting) as we wanted to avoid the group being too prescriptive in guiding fellow residents.  However, so many residents asked for this after the meeting that we felt we had to produce something. We would encourage residents to use this as a reminder only - and to please write what feels important to them in their own words. 

Click to read the document

Andy Hawkins on behalf of the co-Chairs of the BA Working Group

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