Tuesday 24 September 2019

Water flooding into Ben Jonson House - Again

The very heavy rain today caused flooding into Ben Jonson House reminiscent of the great flood of July 2013, and the cause was the same too - the drains.  Staircase 62 was reported to be particularly badly hit this time.

Some good work has been done in the past to clear the drains, and estate staff leapt in to deal with the floods today, but what we really need is a proactive and ongoing maintenance programme.

I've recently taken to tweeting (heaven help me) photos with the tags #FixTheDrains #BarbicanEstate #Barbican.  If you have tweeting powers and a phone, feel free to use these tags too so we build up a record.  You can see flooding posts here in this blog by searching for 'flood' or clicking on the 'water' label (which includes water supply posts too).

See the #FixTheDrains #BarbicanEstate #Barbican tweets

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