Saturday 23 November 2019

Golden Lane - Denizen heating works

The Denizen block of flats will be provided with a combined heat and power (CHP) feed.  The feed will travel through the Ben Jonson House car park from the western end and connect up with a trench running up Golden Lane to the Denizen block. The trench is currently being (noisily) cut and the pipes laid.   When the trenching works reached Brackley St. access was largely maintained using metal plates over the trench which allowed Taylor Wimpey to keep moving vehicles to their Denizen site; nice for them.  Now the trench has reached the exit ramp from the Ben Jonson House car park access is completely blocked.  No metal plates which would allow us to keep using the exit ramp over weekend and evenings, oh no, instead we get several layers of fencing just to make sure the exit ramp can't be used.

No attempt to minimise the impact for residents
It is true that residents can use the entrance ramp for both getting in and getting out of the car park, but this diminishes safety in and around the car park and is of course inconvenient for residents and the CPAs.  But note that Taylor Wimpey could have accessed their Denizen site via Fann St. ... but it was altogether more convenient for them to use the metal plates to retain access when possible.  Clearly inconvenience counts less for residents.  Thanks City (who licensed the work).  Thanks Taylor Wimpey (a considerate contractor?).

Here is a notice from the BEO which appeared in the 2019-11-22 Estatewide News Bulletin.  Note the email address at the end which is for a bloke who had nothing to do with the licensing or decision making and is probably just there to take/deflect the heat from those who are inconvenienced.

From the BEO:

Citigen Works in Ben Jonson Car Park

Citigen’s works on Golden Lane are progressing well, and should be cleared by the second week of December. The next phase of works are due to start week commencing 25/11/19 and will take place within the Ben Jonson House basement car park. They will be installing a short length of new heating pipework to serve the Denizen development in Golden Lane, these works are expected to last around nine weeks. To facilitate the works it will be necessary to relocate one of the lockers to a new position and form two new holes in a wall.

Every effort will be made to avoid inconvenience and disturbance to residents. The works are being carried out under the terms of a licence issued by the City of London which includes strict conditions for working hours, noise, deliveries, etc. In the event of a complaint about these works or for further information please contact Graham Humphreys at

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