Thursday 3 December 2020

Noisy Emergency Works by sc64 (the Waitrose end door)

From the BEO


Dear Residents

Barbican Centre drainage works at street level 
Whitecross Street staircase 64 Ben Jonson House

We have been advised by the Barbican Centre that they have had to arrange some urgent drainage clearance works (jetting) in the sprinkler plant room accessed from Whitecross Street. This room is located at street level at staircase 64 Ben Jonson House adjacent to the resident’s entrance into the block. The contractor will be using a generator and jetting tools both of which will create noise whilst the works are done.

It may be necessary for the contractors to close one end of the walkway (this is the walkway below the ramp, just past the Cote restaurant) whilst keeping one route open to the Ben Jonson s/c 64 street level door allowing residents to still come and go, they will  have signage to direct residents to the other way in/out if necessary.

The contractor will be on site on Friday 4 December morning carrying out the works to clear the drains, they hope that can have the drains completed and the works completed in one day.

If you have any further queries, please do contact me.

Yours Sincerely

Rebecca Bello
House Officer

City of London Barbican Estate Office, 3 Lauderdale Place, London. EC2Y 8EN
Switchboard 020 7029 3902

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