Saturday 13 February 2021

Beech Street Zero Emission Update

From the BEO:

Beech Street Zero Emission
Scheme Update

On the 18 March 2020 the City of London Corporation introduced experimental traffic changes on Beech Street, Bridgewater Street and Golden Lane with the aim of reducing air pollution.

Over the last 10 months, many residents have taken the time to write to the City Corporation about the traffic experiment. Many of the enquiries have been about the problems some residents have experienced around access to their car parks, as well as some deliveries and taxi/private hire vehicles not arriving.

We thank residents for the time they have taken to highlight these issues. While air quality in Beech Street has improved by over 50%, further work is proposed to be undertaken to improve the access to properties and the understanding of the restriction amongst taxi and delivery drivers.

City Corporation officers have met regularly with the Barbican Association, and have prepared a report which details the measures proposed to help improve access and legibility to the car parks and forecourts on Beech Street.

Please find a link to the latest City Corporation Committee report and accompanying documents . This report will be considered by the Streets and Walkways sub-committee for decision on the 18 February.

We thank all residents who have fed back their thoughts on the experiment, you can continue to do so via the Beech Street zero emmissions consultation paper in the link. Feedback for the temporary changes in the City streets can be given here.

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