Monday 5 April 2021

Dedicated Ward Police Officers

From the City:

Dedicated Ward Officers - Barbican

I, Insp. Joe Easterbrook would like to introduce Police Constables Christine Phillips and Mark Murphy as the Dedicated Ward Officers for Barbican Cluster. Barbican Cluster is made up of Aldersgate, Bassishaw, Cripplegate, Coleman Street and part of Farringdon Within ward.

As Dedicated Ward Officers we are responsible for the area, leading on the policing response and management of crime and disorder and being the main point of contact for visitors, residents and businesses. We will also provide a consistent approach to long-term problems.

In addition to patrolling the area engaging with residents and businesses, once it is safe to do so we will conduct panel meetings and surgeries around the cluster and attend residential and business meetings organised by other organisations.

I would remind you that crimes and other incidents of concern should continue to be reported to 999 in an emergency, 101 if not an emergency and can also be reported online, not through Dedicated Ward Officers.

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