Sunday 15 August 2021

Reporting Podium Lights on the Estate

From the BEO:

Reporting Podium Lights on the Estate

As some of you may be aware all Podium light issues are the responsibility of our colleagues in the Highways Department of the Built Environment.

In order to improve upon the present working methods, a dedicated email address was created to report these lighting issues on the Barbican Estate.

May we ask residents to continue to please help us with reporting and use the following email address for this purpose and contact the team directly, if any light concerns are seen on the Podium.

Please can we ask that you also copy in your House Officer, so that they may track and follow up on the repairs on your behalf.

This inbox is monitored on a daily basis via the electrical group which in turn allows them to address problems as soon as possible, whilst also providing direct feedback.

We hope you will continue to assist us in this way of working, which allows us to manage things more proactively.

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