Wednesday 7 August 2013

Yet more flooding

Yet more flooding is spotted on the highwalk by Ben Jonson House:

This was reported to the BEO today.

Regarding the heavy flooding into Ben Jonson House on 27th July, I wrote to the BEO and they have responded on 2nd Aug:

... this downpour was far greater than we are normally used too.  However on the night in question our out of hours resident engineer did attend what was an impossible task to manage. 
The engineer did attempt to block the passage of water using sandbags and also noted all drains not coping with the amount of water flowing.  Were these drains blocked or just not able to cope? Good question, we have taken a pragmatic approach and had them all rodded.  Was the water just too much? probably.  My apologies if this email appears to be flippant as this is not my intention I am just being honest. 
Our drains are part of a drain clearance programme which of course can be de-railed by a carrier bag blown in by the wind.  I am however bringing this to the attention of the Property Services Management team for debate and hopefully some innovative solutions. ...

To which I responded on 4th Aug:
Regarding the immediate response to the flooding, I'm thankful to the resident engineer for his intervention.  Could you please tell me who the resident engineer was that evening as I would like to thank them directly.
It is hard to think how the response to the issue on the ground could have been better, but clearly there is room for improvement on the planning and communication front.  Evidently more needs to be done to prevent similar flooding events in the future, beyond the reaction of rodding blocked drains after a flood.  I don't know anything about the drain clearance programme, could you provide more information about that? 
Could you please also tell me what damage resulted from the flooding.  I saw myself that there is water damage to ceilings in the stairwell, but the water must have ended up somewhere below the resident accessible areas.
I heard back that the engineer who battled the flood water that night was Ray Sibson, so thanks to him for his efforts.

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