Sunday 10 November 2013

Motorbike parked outside SC64

A response from SquareMileParking regarding the parked motor cycle beside the ramp at the eastern end of Ben Jonson House. In short, if you see someone parking in this spot call 020 7332 3910 :
Good afternoon,... In the simplest terms the area on ground level is not part of the dedication and is enforceable.  I have spoken to our enforcement team and they are not aware of any issues around the area since my last email so hopefully the offending vehicle was a one off.
 The regulations provide that if an area is private land but the area is public highway (i.e. the public have regularly passed without hindrance for several years) then we can enforce but if there is no right of way then we can't.  The vast majority of the land around the ramp has a clear right of way and our officers will issue PCNs if vehicles park in this area.  The area which may not have an established right of way is the land between the building wall and the ramp as few, if any, pedestrians would elect to use this as a through route. ... our Transportation Strategy and Programmes Team Leader, advises 'given that the City is (almost certainly, given that the area is part of the Barbican) the landowner, we can nevertheless dedicate the way as a public highway if we wish to (and therefore start issuing PCNs to motor vehicles parked there).  If, as a result, you want to pursue this (i.e., the problem parking is continuing), let me know and we will speak to the Barbican Estate Office to see if they are content with the area being dedicated as public highway.'. So the short answer is that we will continue to monitor the area and if there are issues we will issue PCNs.  Similarly if you find vehicles parking there please email our enforcement contractor as cc'ed or call on 020 7332 3910.  If it does become a habitual parking spot and mainly in the area where enforcement could be viewed as 'doubtful' we will explore the public highway dedication but hopefully we would not need follow that route.

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