Saturday 4 January 2014

Big puddle over the cinemas

The sound insulation in the cinemas uses nested boxes of plasterboard.  If the plasterboard gets wet and soggy the so-called-box-in box system breaks down, and sound could then break out of the cinemas into flats above.  Sound experts hired by the BA while the cinemas were being built told us that they had been called out to a soggy box-in-box in another cinema complex in the UK, so this is more than just a theoretical risk.

The City were so worried about water dripping onto their plasterboard box-in-box structure that when the cinemas were being built they chose to turn off the automatic sprinkler system in the flower beds, which now have to be watered by hand*.  You can see one of the flower beds in this photo behind the puddle.

And of course we don't have an automated system measuring sound breakout from the cinemas because the City effectively blocked having one, even though we won that as a planning condition for the cinemas at the planning committee.

All this makes this particular puddle very worrying.  If a moist flower bed is a risk, what about this much water?

A new cinema experience:  just add water

* Much to the frustration of the gardeners who have to spend their time hand watering the beds around Ben Jonson & Breton houses rather than getting on with more useful work.

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