Wednesday 29 January 2014

Protocol for recording at public meetings

When the Town Clerk recently spoke at a residents meeting he said that public meetings, such as committee meetings, could be recorded.  I asked the City for the rules and the reply is below.  It seems central government require the City to allow public meetings to be recorded (see this document).  Here is what the City had to say:

The City of London Corporation expects its public meetings to be just that – public - and of course they are reported publicly.  As modern technology has evolved, this reporting naturally includes photography, tape recording and now 'Tweeting' and 'Blogging' etc.  Our practice has been to ask individuals in the public gallery, who are using technology, to do so in respectful way, i.e. not erecting tripods, using disruptive (flash) photography, standing up etc.   Our approach was re-enforced last June in the DCLG guidance (below).  
Occasionally we get requests for use of a tripod, etc,  which can be accommodated by setting aside a 'media' area. Obviously we get notice of this.
Formal written guidance is being re-formulated will shortly be available on the website.

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