Sunday 20 April 2014

Prince Consort returns to Holborn Circus: 11:15am Sat. 26th April

The City, via the BA, tell us that the cleaned up Prince Consort statue will be craned back into place at Holborn Circus.  Be there at 11:15am Saturday 26th April to see it happen.
I hope you don't mind me contacting you - as someone who lives in the City with an interest in City culture.  As we have had some interest in the statue restoration, so I thought you might be interested to come and see the Prince Consort statue being returned by crane to its relocated position the weekend after next, at 11:15am on Saturday 26th April.

This is part of the completion of the Holborn Circus highway works scheme.

I was 'fortunate' to front a video about the statue restoration:

I will be attending with some Members and a photographer, so if you are interested in seeing something different on a Saturday morning, see you there! 
Kind regards, Bron Claridge.

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