Wednesday 16 April 2014

The non-AGM

We held the AGM meeting last night, but it didn't qualify as an AGM because less than 15% of house group members came along.  For this meeting we were up against the City of London police residents meeting, and of course it is very close to Easter so perhaps people were away for that.  And of course last night was a rescheduled meeting after the City chose to hold the Cripplegate Ward Mote on the 19th March giving only a couple of days notice.

The AGM is an important part of the governance of the house group.  If the AGM is not held in good time we can lose our RTA (Recognised Tenants Associations) status.

What to do?

Well, last night we ran through the non-governance parts of the meeting such as the House Officer's report and updates on what the committee has been doing (and there is a sound recording of the meeting - let me know if you'd like to hear it).

We're planning to hold a flash-AGM.  That is, a very brief meeting of less than 30 minutes to cover the essential governance items such as approving the minutes of the last general meeting and electing the committee.  I'm thinking we may be able to do this in the cinemas cafe underneath Ben Jonson House (I need to check with them if that would be OK).

I'll keep you posted.

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