Sunday 31 January 2016

Bernard Morgan House - a Google View

On Saturday I visited the Taylor Wimpey exhibition again to find out the height of the proposed building. I met Nigel Hetherington who told me he is the project architect.  He said that the building would be about 40m tall with about 3m per floor, though suspected that it would be a bit less than 40m in it's final form.  Another person visiting the exhibition was told that the new building would be about the height of the UBS building.

Given this information I used a computer program called SketchUp to produce a 3D model of the proposed building.

For the floor plan I used the plan from the information given at the exhibition:

The plan

This shows the outline of the building and the places where the height of the building changes, for example where the top few floors step back.  Given the plan, the 40m height, the number of floors (12 including ground) and the 3m per floor I came up with this model:

The proposed building modelled in SketchUp

The SketchUp model can then be exported as a .kmz file (see below if you would like to get this file), which can in turn be viewed using Google Earth. Here is how the model looks in the Google Earth desktop program on a mac:

The model in Google Earth

Viewed in Google Earth the model sits on the site pretty much as shown in the Taylor Wimpey images, and it looks to be about the height of the UBS building, so I think this gives a reasonable sense of how a building of the proposed shape and size would look.
The KMZ file: If you just click on the following link it may not open in Google Earth, so make sure you download the .kmz file, download and install Google Earth and then open the .kmz file on your computer. The .kmz file is here.

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