Saturday 23 January 2016

Your Service Cupboard

Beside the door to your flat there is a service cupboard.  The cupboard has four sections.  Three of the four sections can be accessed from within your flat by opening the single tall door.  From the outside of your flat, each section is separately accessible.  From the outside it looks like this:

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Services: The top section can only be accessed from outside the flat.  If you had the magic key you would see that there is little in there except wires.  Best not to touch.

Fresh milk & eggs:  The second section from the top really was for the delivery of fresh dairy goods.  The milkman would visit each day leaving your milk and eggs.  Sadly this service ended a long time ago, long before Waitrose appeared on the scene.  This is the highest section you see from within your flat.

Post:  This section has a letter flap on the outside, and is the middle section of the cupboard as seen from inside the flat.  Small packets delivered by postal people and estate staff go here.  Items which are too large for the slot are left with the Car Park Attendants, in which case you will get a notice that there is something to collect (used to be pink cards, now more likely to be an SMS).

Rubbish:  Rubbish is collected from this bottom section every week day between 08:00 and 09:00.  It's quite a large section and so can easily handle daily waste, and even a weekend's worth of waste (recycling (incl. empty wine bottles!) and garden waste) will fit in most cases.  If you can't fit all your waste in the rubbish section your barbican key will let you use the bin store beneath Breton house, by the car park in-ramp.  If you are unable to access the bin store, and as a last resort, you can leave rubbish in supplied Barbican waste bags (which don't leak) directly in front of your door just before the morning waste collection service ... but be aware that waste in the common spaces is a potential fire hazard so do not leave waste in the corridor overnight and certainly not over a weekend. 

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