Sunday 14 May 2017

Storage area beneath Shakespeare Tower?

Directly in front of the westernmost south facing part of Ben Jonson House there is a view of Shakespeare Tower, including an area at the base of the tower which seems to be use as a storage area for decorators working on the estate.  It looks like this:

A storage space?
A Ben Jonson House resident with a fine few of this area has asked the BEO if this area really is intended to be used as a storage area.  The answer was that decorators working on the estate had been told they could use the storage room (behind the blue door at the back in the photo), but that they should not use the area outside the room to store their stuff.

An update as of 2017-05-17:  Our house officer had a word with the contractors using the space and it is now all cleaned up:

Much better, thank you.

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