Thursday 8 June 2017

BMH Fighting Fund Appeal

From the Chair of the Breton House Group

In addition to asking the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government to call in TW's planning application, we also have a solicitor, working on a "no win, no fee" basis, looking into the possibility of applying for a Judicial Review of the decision to approve the application. We want the decision overturned and the future of BMH to be reconsidered with proper regard to the community's views and needs.

Whilst there are no solicitors fees, we urgently need to raise £3,500 to pay for an independent sunlight/overshadowing report and to obtain a specialist counsel's advice on the prospects of an application to the Planning Court for permission to judicially review the City's decision, so we are setting up a Crowd Justice fund raising page which should go live on 13 June.

The link is We will not be able to access the money until the full amount of £3500 is raised so we need to raise this as quickly as possible, as the deadline for applying for a Judicial Review is six weeks from the date of the Committee's decision (23 May) so we need to get counsel's advice as soon as possible.

If we fail to raise £3,500 all contributions will be refunded in full. So please donate as soon as the page is launched at 10am on Tuesday 13 June - It would help spread the message if you could forward the link to your friends and contacts.



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