Friday 23 June 2017

Parking Price Rise, but not 63%

The BEO have announced new car parking charges.  The Barbican Residential Committee (The BRC) rejected the proposed 63% rise and proposed a rise closer to inflation and asked for another review.  You can see the minutes of the BRC meeting here, go to point 9.

Barbican Charging Policy for Car Parking

The Barbican Residential Committee have approved that the car park charges for 2016/17 be increased, in line with the Consumer Price Index.

The effect of this will be that the following charges will apply:
  • Annual residential car parking licences increase from £1225 to £1258
  • Daily car parking increases from £10.00 to £10.27
  • Motorcycle parking licences increase from £229 to £235
  • Annual fees for bicycle lockers increase from £86 to 88
  • Administration fees for new car bay licences increase from £60 to £62 

These charges will come into effect as from 28 September 2017 and your service charge account will be adjusted accordingly.

If you have any queries regarding this increase or if you wish to surrender your bay, please call 02070293921 or email

The Barbican Residential Committee also approved that a Member/Officer Working Party be established to review the charging policy of the present and potential uses of the car parking areas of the Barbican and to report back thereon with recommendations.

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