Tuesday 8 August 2017

BEO & Smart Meters

The BEO are trying to coordinate the work on smart electricity meter installations in the estate, but the suppliers such as EDF are not making it easy.  Below is an email message from our house officer on the topic.

My sense is that the best thing for us residents to do at the moment is just say no to smart meters and let the BEO sort it out.

From the BEO:

The energy companies blitz the estate from time to time with these letters.

What we have told them with regard to the asbestos is that our Property Services Team would like to work with them to put together a coordinated plan so as not to remove asbestos and install new meters on a piecemeal basis. As far as I am aware we are still waiting to hear from the management at the electricity companies as the meters actually belong to them not the Barbican Estate Office.

This goes around in circles and is quite frustrating for this office as a new round of letters from EDF have now been sent when they know what we are expecting from them. I would just tell them that Steve Murray at Property Services , Barbican Estate Office is waiting to hear from them.

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