Wednesday 6 February 2019

Cote Smells Update

Our house officer Sheila Delaney has been working resolve the matter of cooking smells from Cote.  Most recently, armed with the results of the recent surve, Sheila has been talking with City environmental health officers.

Officers are guided by advice from central government:
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From Sheila:

Cote have been liaising with Environmental Health previously. They were dealing with Reese the previous manager.

Reese (who has since left Cote) was in touch with Environmental Health about the extract.  The new manager is a lady called Mata. 

A statement from Environmental Health is below: 
"I have been involved with the odour issues at Cote for some time now and have dealt with the manager Reese, who has now left. I have had no direct complaints from Barbican residents since the summer. I have never witnessed a nuisance during any of my investigations. 
We can meet on site to discuss your system, but I don't think much has changed since my involvement last summer? Unfortunately whenever a new complaint comes in I must start the same process of investigation as I have on previous occasions. The link below provides some further detail on the Environmental Protection Act."
The new contact I have for Cote is Daryl and he has advised that Mark (who appears to look after maintenance) has instructed Aspect (their contractor) to increase the number of times they clean the external part of the louvre as he thinks the grease that collects on these parts could contributes to any potential smells. Daryl also says that following my email Cotes have also turned the air freshener dispenser / deodorising system down to see how that works.

Shall we see if this actually makes a bit of a difference?

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