Sunday 3 February 2019

Linklaters drain cleaning - 2nd & 3rd Feb

Linklaters have chosen to fix their drainage problems over the weeked. While this may be convenient for Linklaters it is less so for residents who are being disturbed by significant noise.

From the BEO:

Message from Linklaters
Notice of Weekend Working Emergency Drain Clearance 2 - 3 February

Unfortunately we have experienced a series of blocked drains within the building that require emergency works to ensure they are cleared, this will entail having machinery on site to assist with the clearance.
To comply with regulations waste material is required to be collected in a tanker and removed from site, by a specialist waste contractor. The works are scheduled for the weekends of 2/3 and 9 February 2019, where possible the vehicle and works will be contained within our boundary however, there is the likelihood that at some point the vehicle will need to be operated from the street level. We will ensure that any noise is kept to a minimum and only operated when necessary.
We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause but unfortunately these are emergency works.

Contact: Linklaters Security Control Room 0207 456 2561

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