Friday 16 October 2020

Common Parts - share and enjoy

How to avoid a tragedy of the commons ...

From the BEO

Good Neighbour Guide: Keep Common Parts Clear

Compliance with a few basic rules and conditions will help to make life in the Barbican more enjoyable given the very high density living. Your attention is also drawn to the terms of your long lease or tenancy (as appropriate).
  • Common parts include lift lobbies, corridors and staircases. These areas should be kept clear at all times and they should not be used for storage.
  • Bicycles should be stored in the bike cages or designated areas located in the car parks.
  • Please do not abandon unwanted items on balconies, lift lobbies or car parks.
  • Please do not leave shopping trolleys in communal areas.
  • If you do smoke on the balcony, please be mindful of your neighbour's open windows. And don't forget, the ventilation system in the bathrooms and kitchen is a communal system, therefore smells and smoke can travel into other flats.
  • It is prohibited under the terms of the lease to hang washing on your balcony.
  • Do not make noise inside your flat and on balconies that could cause nuisance to your neighbours. This includes making/taking telephone calls on your balcony at unsociable hours.
  • Although balcony drains are on a programme of scheduled maintenance, please can all residents ensure that as far as possible, they keep balcony drains free of soil/leaves etc. Drains can become clogged with debris during periods of heavy rain, and this can cause water penetration into flats below. Having decking and Astro Turf on the balcony paving slabs can contribute to stopping the drain from working to its full capacity and is not allowed.
Although any balcony adjacent to your flat may form part of your property, you should be considerate to your neighbours.

Balconies must not be obstructed as they serve as fire escape routes and are subject to formal rights of escape in case of emergency as set out in each long lease.

Click here for further information on the website in the Communal Living Tab of the Resident Information Pack.

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