Tuesday 21 July 2015

LFS Planning Meeting Audio Recording and Minutes

An audio recording of the planning meeting is here.  The first representation of  the minutes of the committee meeting are here.  The LFS items are 6.2 and 6.3.

Key times in the meeting recording:

  • 00:40 Chief Planning Officer presentation
  • 12:40 John Whitehead, Chair of Breton House Group
  • 15:50 Bruce Badger, Chair of Ben Jonson House Group
  • 19:50 Jane Roscoe, Director of the London Film School
  • 23:30 JamesTaylor, Architect
    • 26:00 Comments on the vents on the highwalk. "Discharge air ... water laden perhaps ... 90 degrees perpendicular to Ben Jonson House ... 6m away & 3.6m below the nearest opening windows.  Polluting air discharged into Golden Lane ..."
    • 27:20 Q Regarding coffee bar licensing: "There are no plans to license"
    • 27:50 Q Why not have ventilation below podium? "Not feasible."  Why? "Not feasible to get the accommodation to work within the building and given the terms of the lease and constraints."
  • 28:50 Chair of the meeting "Will not accept discussion about change of use..."
  • 29:30 Comments from the committee:  Some discussion of the noise conditions and how they might work in practice.
  • The very end of the meeting is truncated.  All that's missing is the chair agreeing with the last point and then the vote, which in which the application was unopposed. ... I do have the full recording and with upload that soon.

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