Sunday 12 July 2015

Planned closure of lakeside walkway

From the BEO:

Dear residents
The City of London School for Girls is planning to redecorate the rear elevation of the Main School Building overlooking the Barbican Lake this summer. They will be using the same method which has been used in the past i.e. temporary electric cradles with a scaffold platform for the cradles to rest on cantilevered over the lake next to the walkway along the edge of the lake. This leaves the walkway clear for use while the work is in progress.
The school will need to close the walkway between the school and the lake for 3-4 days while the scaffolding is put up and when it is taken down. The programme date to start putting the scaffold up is 21.7.15 and to start removing the scaffold 24.8.15. Once the scaffold is in place the walkway will be open for residents use.
With regards
Barbican Estate Office

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