Sunday 12 July 2015

Police: Hang Up on Fraud

From the City of London Police

Dear Residents

Our Dedicated Cheque and Plastic Card Unit (DCPCU) are organising a campaign on Monday 13th July in the morning to increase awareness of fraud from telephone calls. 

Community Engagement Officers with DCPCU will visit some flats and talk to residents on Barbican Estate as part of the campaign and BBC London News will be filming the event to get the message out to a larger audience.  They will also being filming an interview with a Barbican resident who has been the victim of one of these type of frauds.

Given the logistics of Barbican Estate I would be grateful to hear from any residents who would be able to assist by allowing us to chat to them on their doorsteps or communal areas about telephone fraud for filming purposes.

I know that its short notice but would be grateful if you could ask for names to be passed on by yourself or a message on one of the numbers below that I can pick up on Monday morning.

Many thanks.

Christine Phillips
Residential Community Engagement
Barbican Police Office
0207 601 2456
07736 952395

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