Saturday 4 February 2017

Concrete Testing Report

I have been reminded by a resident that I did not publish the results of the concrete investigations which happened early last year.

The results of the tests take the form of a report from Broomfield Consultants.    The report is dated July 2016 but was not released until December 2016.

Click to read the report
Click on the image above to read the report in full.  Here are the parts of the conclusion I thought were the most significant:
The analysis of the results show limited intrusion of chlorides and carbonation with no threat of significant deterioration due to reinforcement corrosion in the next 50 years or more. The limited problems are consistent with the age and exposure of the building.
It can therefore be concluded that once the repairs are carried out as listed in the Martech Bill of Quantities for Ben Jonson House, then the building should remain relatively defect free with no systemic risk of chloride or carbonation induced corrosion.
The building can be considered to be in good condition for its age and the exposure conditions.

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