Saturday 4 February 2017

The mighty powers of an RTA

In the "public document pack" for the 2016-11-28 meeting of the RCC the status of the recognised tenants association (RTA) was reported.  See agenda item 5 on pages 23-26.  In this section we see that the Ben Jonson House Group is indeed recognised, we also see listed the set of powers RTAs have:

An RTA can, on behalf of its members :
  • Ask for a summary of costs incurred by their landlord in connection with matters for which they are being required to pay a service charge; 
  • Inspect the relevant accounts and receipts;
  • Be sent a copy of estimates obtained by the landlord for intended work to their properties;
  • Propose names of contractors for inclusion in any tender list when the landlord wishes to carry out major works;
  • Ask for a written summary of the insurance cover and inspect the policy;
  • Be consulted about the appointment and re-appointment of the agent managing the services.

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