Sunday 19 February 2017

Bernard Morgan House - demolition and planning update

Here is an update about Bernard Morgan House from the chair of Breton House.  If you think you might be affected by the works or the replacement building you may wish to take action.

Do remember that it is easy to write to your common councilors for help too


Bernard Morgan House
Taylor Wimpey is applying to the Planning and Transportation Committee on 28 February to determine whether prior approval is required for the method of demolition of the existing building. The actual planning application is now due to go to the Committee on 2 May, so Bernard Morgan House could be demolished before its replacement is approved.

A prior approval request is highly unusual in the City of London. However, if the Committee consents, Taylor Wimpey will start demolition on 3 March, having commenced erection of scaffolding on 27 February - before the meeting.

The application reference is 17/00088/DPAR.The City’s online planning portal is

Details of the application and comments made to date can be seen on the portal. The proposed Method Statement for the demolition contains a number of errors and omissions and there are no drawings showing the positioning of scaffolding, some of which will block pavements, nor details of how 50 tonne excavators will be safely operated next to Jewin Welsh Church and its Hatching Dragons Nursery.

Online comments on the application can also be made there. Otherwise comments should be sent to the Case Officer, Catherine Linford, Development Division, Department of the Built Environment, City of London. PO Box 270, Guildhall EC2P 2EJ.

If you intend objecting, please comment. Anyone wanting assistance or advice on what to say, please contact me on 020 7374 4277.

Fred Rodgers, Chair, Breton House Group

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