Tuesday 13 July 2021

Barbican Podium Phase Two & The Drains - the city responds!

I sent an email message to the Barbican Projects Team regarding their plans to start work on tackling Beech Gardens MkII (resurfacing the eastern part of the north highwalks).  In particular I asked for an assurance that the drains would be fixed before any work starts on the big budget membrane installation project.  I also asked if they would be removing the Yellow Shed too.

I got a response, and it seems very positive, including a link to a webinar due to be held on 20th July:

Thank you for getting in touch and I hope this email finds you well. This project will cover the public realm in the vicinity of Ben Jonson Place, Breton and Cromwell High Walk.

Replacing the existing waterproofing membrane is a priority as the existing membrane has deteriorated and is no longer able to protect the concrete structure or the occupied spaces beneath it from water ingress.

To confirm, improvement work will be undertaken to the existing drainage infrastructure. Remedial improvement to the drainage infrastructure is an essential part of the project as we have identified disruption to the drainage system, which can cause ponding and deterioration to the surface finishes. The sequence of the works is under careful consideration be our appointed design team

I also confirm that we are removing the yellow link building, located between Ben Jonson House and Frobisher Crescent. This is necessary to effectively undertake waterproofing and drainage work at the podium level. Its removal will provide an opportunity to improve access, legibility and circulation across the podium and to introduce additional areas of greening.

Letters are being distributed this week, informing residents that a webinar will be taking place next week (20 July) relating to the podium project.

To sign-up for the webinar, please visit our website: https://www.barbicanprojects.co.uk

Best wishes

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