Saturday 10 July 2021

Beech Gardens MkII ... will the drains be fixed first?

 In a recent letter the City tell us that their "Barbican Projects Team" will be launching a couple of projects.  One is to fix up the electrical gubbins in the exhibition halls, the other is to resurface the eastern part of the north highwalk; Beech Gardens Mk II.

The resurfacing of the western end of the north highwalk, around Beech Gardens, failed to prevent flooding ... because the City failed to fix the drains before starting on the project (or subsequently).  Even if the new hi-tech Beech Gardens membrane worked perfectly (which it does not) it would merely contain the surface water which does not drain away (instead it mostly evaporates), and indeed we can all observe the long lived puddles and lakes after any reasonably heavy rainfall.

Before starting any sexy new resurfacing projects the City really must fix the drains.

... and once the drains are fixed, and surface water no longer lingers, I suspect most of the 'leaks' the resurfacing works are supposed to fix will simply disappear.

The "Barbican Projects Team" can be contacted on  I'll write to ask if they will commit to fixing the drains before moving on to the ( bureaucrat resume boosting) big resurfacing works.

Here is the bit of the letter regarding the resurfacing:

Click to read the whole letter

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