Saturday 26 July 2014

Beech Gardens - Less Trees?

There was a City organised meeting on 23rd July to present the plan for the Beech Gardens planting.  Before the meeting the City made available a "Rev. A Concept Design" document.  The images in there looked pretty good, with trees very much as they were before (see pages numbered 21-23), e.g. :

... but without the trees?
... BUT it seems that the City are proposing significantly fewer trees than shown. There is a discussion on Barbican Talk about this.  The suspicion is that the City fears that trees will cause water leakage problems in the future, but (quoting from the Barbican Talk thread) "engineers did admit at a recent public meeting that the problem was definitely not the trees".

You can give feedback on this subject from July 24th to Aug 1st.  I've not seen any information on *how* to give feedback, so an email to the BEO is probably the way to go.  That's what I'll do.

This is important for Ben Jonson House because Beech Gardens will become the template for what will happen to Ben Jonson Highwalk.

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