Sunday 27 July 2014

LED Corridor Lighting

The lighting above flat doors on the south side of the corridors of Ben Jonson House use LED light bulbs, and have done for a while.  The lights on the north side of the corridors still use incandescent light bulbs.

The south-side lights have an emergency power back-up system, so in the event of a power cut we can still safely navigate the building.  These lights were changed from incandescent to LED as part of a programme to improve the emergency lighting throughout the building.  LED lighting was installed because it uses less power, but also because the bulbs last longer.

The question now arises:  Do we want to change the north side lights to use LEDs too?

LEDs cost more up front, but cost significantly less to run, so in the medium to long term we'd be saving money if we install them.

The BEO will be putting up notices and sending out a survey about this shortly.  You can read a copy of the notice here.

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