Friday 3 June 2016

Cracks in the wall - repair work going out for tender

We have received another update on corridor cracks from the BEO Senior Project Manager.  The good news is that we have zoomed past the hurdle of Planning and Conservation and bids will now be sought to do the repair work ...

The need to involve City Planning and the Conservation dep't is that it is a listed building, and that some of the Engineers recommendations on the crack repairs were involving changing the finished look of the walls hence the need for Conservation and Planning officers to be involved. We were also hoping that as the walls are internal they will just give us a nod without having to be involved in great detail but this was not the case as they actually wanted to assess this in more detail just to be sure whether listed building consent is required or not. The only issue was that their responding was slow and slower than we had wanted or anticipated and I can only apologise on our their behalf and our behalf.

However the good news is that I have finally managed to get hold of the Planners and the Conservation Officers, we visited the site Ben Jonson the day before yesterday and I have finally got their clearance and recommendation as to how to deal with the cracks from a Planning and Conservation point of view.

The Structural Engineers, and I are now putting together the spec taking into account the Planning comments. Prices to repair the cracks are anticipated to be available end of next week or early week beginning 13 June 2016. At that point I will be able to tell you the actual start date as I understand there may be some consultations and other internal processes to be taken into account. Once that process is clearer to me I will immediately email you with a start and finish date and that point letters would also be send out to you and residents.

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