Thursday 30 June 2016

Resident Survey 2016

The estate office have launched their 2016 survey, asking residents for their opinion of their service.

I'd like to suggest that residents ask for improved communications.  Really, the BEO are awful when it comes to communications.  We have found that even within the BEO messages are lost or muddled leading to all kinds of silly situations.  

I recommend that the BEO use a blog like this one.  Messages and supporting documents would be readily available for residents (and people working at the BEO), and would be archived too.  Paper notices would still be needed for the many people on the estate who prefer not to deal with computers, but these notices could simply be page-prints from the blog.

Here is the BEO message about the survey:

Dear Resident

It's this time of year when we're asking for feedback on the services we provide to you.

Please find the link the survey below.

The closing date for the survey will 31st July.

Thank you.

Barbican Estate Office

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